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The primary objectives of mold remediation are to remove surface fungi, airborne mold spores, prevent fungi reoccurrences and re-establish a healthy environment for you and your loved ones by restoring indoor air quality.

Mold growth can have devastating effects on the contents of your home or business. Mold is typically caused by excessive moisture and exacerbated by warm climates such as South Florida. Mold is commonly found in areas with a lot of moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms where it is easily seen and removed, but after a water damage event, mold can grow unabated in hidden areas behind walls, under the carpet, in furniture or in HVAC ducts. Without remediation, excessive mold may cause health issues for you, your family or your employees.






We are ready to respond to your mold emergency as soon as you call us. The experts at First Response Restoration can determine the root of all problems mold related, and work quickly to get rid of harmful airborne toxins and restore it to its previous ways.

We are properly licensed by the State of Florida to provide mold remediation services. We are Insured giving you and all parties involved peace of mind when it comes to this unfortunate types of emergencies. 


First Response Restoration Team is 200% committed to the best possible customer service, with over 20 years of experience, we can be there from start to finish, working directly with your insurance carrier in a timely manner. No one likes to wait, That's why we make it priority to be first to respond. 


First Response Restoration's experienced and highly certified staff is ready to save you and your assets. We always exceed in providing the best customer service to our customers no matter how big or small your emergency might be, after all. any emergency is an emergency. 

  • Surface Microfungi

  • Airborne Mold Spores From 
    the Air & Interior Surfaces

  • Prevent Fungal Recurrence

  • Re-establish a Healthy Indoor

  • Restore Affected Building &
    Contents to Pre-loss Condition
    or Better

  • Restore Indoor Air QualityPrevent Dissemination

If you have a Mold emergency or are unsure, call FIRST RESPONSE RESTORATION TEAM at 305.267.9696
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